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This Spring, we are launching a new comic book series through DRAW BLOOD COMICS called: VITRUVIAN GIRL®

In a world, where the color of your skin can result in being demonized...
...To be a real hero, some must become the villain.
Black Super Powered Beings rise up against their oppressors in this ambitious new movement.
Protest with power, & proudly wear the villain label!



Vitruvian Girl takes her name from the famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci called Vitruvian Man. It is also should be noted that the Vitruvian Man, is named after the ancient Roman civil engineer Vitruvius.  Vitruvius was also a Roman ballista or artilleryman, and a third class of arms in the Roman military offices, to which Vitruvian Girl takes great pride, in carrying on the name sake!



Retired & life long bachelor, & famed 90's, & early 2000's SPB Gawdawful, comes out of retirement, after getting married to his former squire, & having his 1st kid.

Things are not the same as they were in the early 90's, when all one needed was big pecs, a badass name, giant guns, & a convoluted back story. GAWDAWFUL quickly realizes, that trying to raise a kid, & being an anti-hero, is much harder than he could of ever imagined!

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